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Ideas are

Ideas are in ALL of us. Every day we come across ideas – some we notice, some we listen to, some we forget. And, every now and again, an idea turns up – often appearing out of the blue – but an idea that feels a bit shiny, a bit special, a bit exciting! 



How does an idea come to life? 

How does an idea grow from being something inside of us to something real?

And how do we know if an idea is a good one? 

When we do have an idea, how do we share it idea with others around? 

How do we nurture our ideas and believe it them, so that they grow to be something bigger and better? 

We believe that ideas build on ideas and we hope that every school can use these resources to find their own unique way to engage with the story by bringing their own vision and creativity to the project. 

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Education Resources


Package A

Detailed lesson plans across five arts subject areas that support students and teachers to inquire into key concepts relating to the book, to creative thinking, and to Paul Rissmann’s score. ($50USD)


Package B 

In addition to the lesson plans,
this package offers schools with the vocal scores, piano accompaniment scores, orchestral backing tracks, and recorded vocal demonstration tracks so that students can learn and enjoy the songs as a school choir.


Package C

This third package includes a performance licence, narrator’s score and a projectable screen presentation of book images. This package is for schools who wish to bring to life and publicly present their own performance of the whole work.

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