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What Do You Do With An Idea? written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom, published by Compendium


Music composed by Paul Rissmann

Score commissioned by Adelaide Symphony

Orchestra 2018/2021

Project produced by Emily Gann

Project Partners:


Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Connecting the Dots in Music

Young Adelaide Voices

Arts South Australia

FWH Foundation



South Australian Artistic Team:


Emily Gann, Project Director/Creative Producer

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra

Young Adelaide Voices, Children's Choir

Christie Anderson, Choral Director

Graham Abbott, Orchestra Conductor (2018)

Paul Rissmann, Narrator (2018)

Carlie Angel, Dancer (2018)

Luke Dollman, Orchestra Conductor (2021)

Tilda Cobham Hervey, Narrator (2021)

Immanuel College, School Performance Partner (2021)

Thea Martin, Education Resource Writer (2021)

Kat Ogierman, Education Resource Writer (2021)

Jakub Guadasinksi, Sound Engineer (2021)

Kieren Ellis, Videographer (2021)

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