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A Creative Arts Education Toolkit

Creativity Workshops in Schools

“Imagine what it would look like if each and every child truly believed in themselves and their ideas. We have the opportunity to connect, uplift and inspire entire communities. This amazing work is a gift, and gifts are meant to be shared.”

Kobi Yamada (author)

Following the release of the new What Do You Do With An Idea? orchestral recording and Creativity Guide, we are offering a program of brand new Creativity Workshops in Adelaide schools. 
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One day, I had an idea.

Where did it come from?

Why is it here?

And I wondered,

What do you do with an idea?

These brand new creative workshops are based upon the multi award-winning book What Do You Do With An Idea? by Kobi Yamada and Mae Besom. Students will be invited to explore the places in which our ideas live and how our ideas grow, as they create a unique collaborative composition to perform.


Teachers will each receive the newly published Creativity Guide that will support students to express and grow their own ideas across all art forms and learning areas.

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In 2018, a South Australian creative collaboration brought to life the award-winning book, What Do You Do With An Idea?, performed Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Young Adelaide Voices, Paul Rissmann and dancer, Carlie Angel. 


Now, it’s your students' turn to create new ideas and compose their own music!

Delivered by Connecting the Dots in Music, these collaborative composition workshops will invite students from Year 3 to Year 8 to explore the idea of ‘a place that is safe to dream’ from Yamada’s story, discovering what a place for dreaming means to them, and building these places together through creative music making. Students will also explore what it means to care for and grow an idea, taking the smallest of musical ideas and collaboratively developing them into their very own musical creations.

This 2 hour workshop is open to all students from Year 3 – 8, no experience in music is required. Each workshop can facilitate up to 30 student participants. Workshop designed and led by teaching artist, Thea Martin. Teachers are highly encouraged to be actively involved in the workshop, supporting their students. The workshop has been designed in alignment with the Australian Curriculum.

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Teachers will receive their own copy of our recently published What Do You Do With An Idea? Creativity Guide, co-written by Kat Ogierman and Thea Martin. Developed in Adelaide through a partnership with author Kobi Yamada, this new resource guides students to explore their own creative ideas through multiple art forms. This workshop provides an opportunity to experience activities outlined in the guide. The guide incorporates integrated arts learning opportunities that embed development of key capabilities including

  • Literacy​

  • Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Personal and Social capability​.

Book your school's Creativity Workshop now

Thanks for expressing interest. We will be in touch by email very soon. 

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We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore, imagine and create. We hope that every school can use these workshops and resources to support their young people to express their creativity and nurture their ideas.

With an idea, you can change the world!

Watch and hear from students of Immanuel College as they describe their experience of bringing to lifeWhat Do You Do With An Idea? with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra at the inaugural Once Upon a Festival 2021 in Adelaide.
What Do You Do With An Idea? in Concert
Once Upon A Festival 2021

What Do You Do With An Idea? in Concert

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